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Chad Taylor HEAVEN Chad Taylor HEAVEN Chad Taylor HEAVEN

"You gamble, you believe in luck. Like if you're swimming, you believe in water. Right?"

Robert Marling is on a losing streak. He's a struggling architect with a gambling problem, and a wife who is suing him for divorce. When he meets Heaven, a transexual streetwalker who glimpses the future in her dreams, his luck begins to change – for better, and for worse. A tale of chance and weirdness on Auckland's K Road, HEAVEN was made into a feature film by Miramax in 1998.

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"Deft and economical... Lust, lies and opportunism shape a world where realities are constantly shifting." – Metro

"Wonderfully urban... A formidable skill with words." – Evening Post

"An adroit stylist with a penchant for the eccentric and the grotesque. He relishes turning over literary stones and observing the creatures which scuttle out from under them." – North & South

"Relentless energy... Exceptionally good dialogue." – Stamp © 1997-2018 Chad Taylor