Chad Taylor

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The Church of John Coltrane
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Departure Lounge
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Pack of Lies
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  • Amazon Kindle edition

Short fiction

'Aurélie', a 13,000-word noir short story on Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Paper Plus and Apple Books.

'Close to You' dramatised for Radio New Zealand. Nominated for Best Drama in the ABU Prizes 2016.

'The Sounds' Landfall 227 (OUP)

The Man Who Wasn't Feeling Himself Smashwords edition ISBN: 9781310285035 Kindle ebook edition ISBN 978-0-473-18841-2 ASIN: B008XOFQBS

Heaven Smashwords edition ISBN: 9781301854691

Here She Comes Now Smashwords edition ISBN: 9781311248428

Rusty Blades Smashwords edition ISBN: 9781311060082

Supercollider Smashwords edition ISBN: 9781311596277

'Here She Comes Now' Landfall 223 Ed. David Eggleton (OUP)

'City Lights' and 'City Lights Part 2: Planet of Fear.' Written by Chad Taylor and drawn by Jonathan King.

Here She Comes Now (Three Short Stories): 'Here She Comes Now', 'Close to You' (revised), 'DIN' (revised). Kindle ebook edition ASIN: B0051UN506

'DIN' Décapage (Volume 40). Translated by Isabelle Chapman

'Huxley' The Mammoth Book of International Crime, Ed. Maxim Jakubowski (Constable / Robinson UK, Running Press USA)

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'Zip' The Flash Ed. Peter Wild. (Social Disease)

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'Travelogue' Sunday magazine, January 15. Ed. Emily Simpson (Sunday Star Times / ACP)

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'Calling Doctor Dollywell' The Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories Ed. Michael Morrissey (Harper Collins NZ)

'Osome' Listener Summer reading special (January 3-9)

'Unpublished Japan' (erratum: published as 'Japan') An Affair of the Heart: A Celebration of Frank Sargeson's Centenary Ed. Graeme Lay, Stephen Stratford (Cape Catley Ltd, 2003)

'Oilskin' (1994) Essential New Zealand Short Stories Ed. Owen Marshall (Godwit Press, 2002) ISBN 1-86962-094-1

'Close to you' Listener, June 30

'Hard Bop' Boys' Own Stories Ed. Graeme Lay (Tandem Press)

'Supercollider' String of Pearls Ed. Tony Ayres (Allen & Unwin) 1-86373-914-9

The Man Who Wasn't Feeling Himself

(David Ling) 0-908990-260-X. Collection features 'Running Hot & Cold', 'Calling Doctor Dollywell', 'The Man Who Wasn't Feeling Himself', 'Fire in the Hole', 'Archie and Veronica', 'No Sun No Rain', 'Somewhere in the 21st Century', 'Oilskin', 'John', 'Me & Misspelt', 'From Soup to Nuts', 'Another White Gown'. 'Me & Misspelt' was dramatised for National Radio. Stories from the collection have appeared in the anthologies Rutherford's Dreams (IPL, 1995); Men/Love/Sex (Vintage, 1995); The Next Wave (Otago University, 1998); The Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories (Flamingo, 2004); Essential New Zealand Short Stories (Random House, 2009).

'Me & Misspelt' Metro 151

'No Sun No Rain' Sport 13 (VUP)

'Rusty Blades' Sport 5 (VUP)

'The Man at the Door', 'Two Friends', 'Geisha', 'Girl from Mars' Other Voices (Brick Row / Hallard Press) 0-908595-45-X


REALITi (2005 / produced 2012) directed by Jonathan King. Nominated for five categories in the 2014 Rialto Channel New Zealand Film Awards, including Best Screenplay.

Breakfast (2008) directed by Clinton Phillips

The Alibi Girl (2006) directed by Clinton Phillips

Funny Little Guy (1994) directed by Chris Graves