New Zealand writer Chad Taylor is the author of the novels Departure Lounge, Electric, Shirker, Heaven and Pack of Lies. He was awarded the Buddle Findlay Sargeson Fellowship and the Auckland University Literary Fellowship. Heaven was made into a feature film and his other novels and short stories have been published in several languages. His screenwriting credits include Realiti which was selected for Fantastic Fest. His most recent novel is The Church of John Coltrane. New novel forthcoming.

Departure Lounge

Mark Chamberlain is a man who has everything: a job he loves, the criminal record to prove it, a cop on his trail, and a houseful of stolen goods. All he's missing is Caroline May, and she's been gone for more than twenty years.

New Zealand noir author Chad Taylor's novel DEPARTURE LOUNGE

"There's so much pleasure and bafflement to be derived from this thriller … that it seems like an afterthought to point out that it's also a fascinating portrait of life in modern-day New Zealand … A fine read and an interesting look at unfamiliar terrain." – Dick Adler, Chicago Tribune

New Zealand writer Chad Taylor's novel DEPARTURE LOUNGE

"Taylor in effect has taken the not-knowing at the mystery genre's core and enshrined it, occupied its amorphous territory and made of it, as in this book's emotional peak, a luminous art." – P.G. Koch, Houston Chronicle

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Sam Usher is a data technician working in a blacked-out city defined by drugs and dreams. He has come close to death once and would like to try it again. When he meets Candy Strange, he gets his chance.

New Zealand writer Chad Taylor's novel ELECTRIC

"A rare and refreshing book. Taylor composes a tricky, teasing plot out of the blackness, revealing a gloomy city where sexy ice queens reveal spines tattooed with tiny equations." – Claire Harvey, The Australian

"The hypnotic pull of Taylor's story lies in the zigzag dance of its forlorn characters, casting a murky, uneasy sense of doom… a book that offers subtle rewards for conoisseurs of entropy noir." – The Guardian

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Robert Marling is on a losing streak. He's a struggling architect with a gambling problem, and a wife who is suing him for divorce. When he meets Heaven, a streetwalker who has visions of the future, his luck begins to change – for better, and for worse. A tale of chance and weirdness on Auckland's K Road, Heaven was made into a feature film by Miramax.

Noir author Chad Taylor's novel HEAVEN

"Deft and economical… Lust, lies and opportunism shape a world where realities are constantly shifting." – Metro. A tale of chance and weirdness on Auckland's K Road, Heaven was made into a feature film by Miramax in 1998, starring Martin Donovan, Karl Urban, Richard Schiff and Joanna Going.

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New Zealand noir author Chad Taylor in California

"Smart, original, surprising and just about as cool as a novel can get" – Washington Post

"Enigmatic noir" – Publishers Weekly

"Effortlessly cool" – GQ

"Accomplished noir… clear and uncluttered" – Time Out

The Church of John Coltrane

A decade after Heaven, Robert Marling has blown it all. He ducks his creditors and retreats into the apartment that belonged to his late father. Alone with the dead man's jazz collection, Marling seems to have achieved nothingness. But the silence of the maze-like building is interrupted by the music from a different world.

New Zealand writer Chad Taylor's novel THE CHURCH OF JOHN COLTRANE

"Ballade langoureuse [à nouveau situé dans la ville d'Auckland] qui s'interroge au passage sur les nouvelles mïurs musicales, le nouvel opus de Chad Taylor dégage une atmosphère assez unique. Pas de doute, le Néo-Zélandais possède un son bien à lui." – Alexandre Fillon, Livres Hebdo

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Futures broker Ellerslie Penrose stumbles onto the story of a Victorian escape artist and a past that echoes his own.

New Zealand writer Chad Taylor's novel SHIRKER

"Imagine Raymond Chandler filing from New Zealand with a little help from Anne Rice and Jean-Paul Sartre, and you're still not close to imagining the oddity of this weird, wonderful novel … Taylor's structural instincts are so unerring and his tersely elegant language so seductive that the story never once falters - even as it morphs from a murder mystery into an exploration of passion and mortality." – Rebecca Ascher-Walsh, Entertainment Weekly

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Pack of Lies

A coming-of-age novel set in New Zealand's sunny RotoVegas.

New Zealand writer Chad Taylor's novel LUGENSPIELE (PACK OF LIES)

"Wer sich für moderne, zeitgenössische neuseeländische Literatur interessiert, dem sei auf jeden Fall Chad Taylor empfohlen. Ein Studentin wird schwerverletzt in ihrer Wohnung aufgefunden - der Beginn einer bizarren literarischen Reise." – Christhard Läpple, Redaktionsleiter Aspekte, ZDF

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